Everpure Claris Ultra

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One use softener and filtration

Ideal for espresso coffee-machines

A system that offers:

  • Pre-Filtering
  • Filter unpleasant taste and odor, chlorine and chloramine from incoming water
  • Water hardness and alkalinity adjustment.
  • pH buffering
  • Particularly fine filtering

Everpure Water Filters H -Series

Filtering Quality of 0.5 micron Absolute (0.0005 mm). Removes from the water ( if any): Unpleasant Odor & taste, Asbestos Fibres, Chlorine & Chloramine, Dirt, Rust, Turbidity Cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, Rusted iron, magnesium, sulphate salt. With the use of polyphosphates, it prevents the water stone to settle on the tubing, the valves or the walls of the Boiler machine. Certified by NSF, TUV, WRAS


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